Get those vegetables in your diet

As many of you may be able to relate to, my boy does not like to eat vegetables. It is very rare when he finishes something from the vegetable family. So my challenge, besides just getting a meal on the dinner table, is also getting veggies into my sons tummy. I also have to admit, into my tummy too! He definitely gets his distaste for vegetables from his mother, and definitely not from his father. So how do you sneak in vegetables into ones diet, without consistently being at the blender? Well thanks to the current hype on cauliflower, I was able to get a significant amount of vegetables into my sons diet. The whole meal contained pull a part chicken made in the crockpot, and cauliflower cheese bread. Sure maybe not all great ingredients, but its all homemade! And that for me is a gold medal!!

I would like to share with you the recipe that lead to my great success, which I hope in turn will lead you down the right path as well.

The great Chicken Pull A Part. I actually found this on Pinterest, after my wonderful sister, Bree, told me to join because it would be another great app addiction in my life! The original recipe is called Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken but I renamed it Chicken Pull A Part because that’s how I used it, and my recipe did not use beer, instead I opted for Gingerale.

The Cauliflower Cheese Bread was found through Facebook… wow, up until now I never realized how useful these sites really are in my life! Other common cauliflower recipes I have seen, but have yet to try are mashed cauliflower (instead of mashed potatoes), cauliflower pizza crust, and an egg and cauliflower biscuit like thing. Like I said I haven’t tried these items yet, but when I do I will let you know how it all turns out.

Successful photo of my boy devouring this “gourmet” meal:

chicken and cauli

The Cauliflower Cheese Bread:


This meal is becoming a staple in my house. It fed 4 adults plus one hungry little boy, plus we had left overs!

I did include a salad as a side. Just a basic romaine lettuce, bell peppers, green onions and olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing.

Overall I must say that the internet has proven to be beneficial; my child and I have successfully consumed vegetables without really realizing it!

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to get the vegetables into your or your families meals? If so, please share as one successful meal does not make for a complete successful meal plan.

Until Next Time,



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