We are Bree and Elisa, two sisters who come from a family of five girls. We definitely had our ups and downs being from a large family of all female siblings, but we consider ourselves lucky. We have a mother who instilled respect, politeness, and cautiousness in us, and a father who taught us to work hard, go for what you believe in, and “Father Knows Best”.

Over the years, we have become best friends and that is why we decided to start a blog together. Bree is the ambitious gardener and health conscious nurse. She wasn’t always like this, but experiencing life after living at mom and dad’s- where the menu was German-inspired- and after dealing with digestive issues, she has learned to take better care of herself. We have also had to change our diets due to another sister’s stomach issues that seem to attack her whenever she isn’t keeping to a healthy diet.

Elisa has had to get creative over the past year. Becoming a mom and striving to find healthy foods that a one-year-old would enjoy has become a welcomed challenge. From talking to friends and researching on the web, the baby’s menu has become expansive. With one baby, plus another on the way, Elisa has had to come up with new ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially during those times when all a pregnant woman wants is chocolate and carbs.

We welcome you to our blog, and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it. Please leave your comments and questions, as we are more than happy to hear from you and dialogue with you as we all work together to create a mindful, healthy, and loving lifestyle.


sisters on a quest for a full life of healthy living,

Bree and Elisa


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