Pumpkin anyone?

Fall is on its way. There. I said it. I’ve decided to embrace this fact and make the most of the spices and squash that come along with it. This morning I woke up with frost on the grass, and cool wind in the air. I, being the cold-blooded person I am 24/7, could practically feel this chill from my bed. I poked my feet out from the blanket and boom. Instantly they turned to ice. I do truly love fall and the beautiful colors of the leaves, and the crisp fresh air. I am trying to embrace ALL of the fall season, even if it may not be so pleasant at the time. So, to counteract my chilled morning awakening, and to embrace the spices and squash, I decided to make this.

ImageA Pumpkin Earl Grey Latte. A great way to start off my morning! No, I didn’t buy it from Starbucks… and yes, it was amazing! And healthy! It practically blew my moccasins off and if you’re a sucker for pumpkin I’m sure it’ll do the same to you. I found this recipe off of the mouth-watering blog called With Food + Love and you can find this delicious recipe here along with many more great healthy and tasty fall recipe ideas.

What makes pumpkin so amazing anyway? Well… for starters, it’s inexpensive and has a fairly long shelf life. But what makes it so healthy? I’ve done my research and compiled the top reasons I want to eat pumpkin everyday.

1. Pumpkins are loaded with fibre to help you stay fuller longer
2. If your making your own squash (which I highly recommend you do…who doesn’t want freshly toasted pumpkin seeds?) toast the seeds for a small snack. The seeds are full of phytosterols that help lower bad cholesterol
3. Pumpkins are full of potassium which is great for refueling your body after a workout!
4. They contain beta-carotene which is a form of vitamin A, an essential vitamin in maintaining eye health and may help to prevent certain types of cancer
5. The seeds also contain tryptophan (yes the one that gets us all at Thanksgiving, causing a mass nap with all your relatives) which helps you sleep better, and improves your overall mood

You can read more information about the health benefits of pumpkin here and here.

I want to know…what is your favorite healthy drink of the season?